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littlelacie   in reply to hopeful123
Hi, the person you posted to has not been on here for years..But you can dial 211,say what you need help with and where you live, they will tell you what resources in your area might be able to help.
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I am a mom of three. I just got a job but I won't start until after the holidays. I need approximately $1200 to pay this months bills until I start my new job. Can anyone help?? Please?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Judie62
I am sorry put the person u posted to not been on here in years. And there no resources that will help with a car are anything to do with a car. We can.only give u information on here sorry
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I am a 62 yr old single woman. I have no family that can assist me. Recently someone stole my old 1996 car that I have been pouring money into to keep me mobile. I now have to walk 3.4 of a mile to and from the bus stop to ride the bus to my job. I have to keep my job! When the snow and ice come I will be unable to get to the bus stop and may not be able to get to work. Nothing will get paid then.
I have always supported myself and find my current situation very hard to deal with. I already have a number of serious health issues. One that requires me to be hooked up to a dialysis machine for 10 hours every evening form 7:00 pm to 5 am. This leaves me no time for much else besides work. Depression and stress are wearing on my health as well.

I really need a car for transportation. It can be old and ugly as long as it has a heater and runs good.
If anyone can help me out I would be very grateful. Thank you
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Patti 62
In need of cash. .extra medical not covered. .has breast cancer. .is my aunt. .The kindest person I know. .is raising 4 grandchildren on a med income. .did hormone therapy. .didn't work as planned. .now needs surgery to remove remaining and Dr's are trying to not have to take the whole breast. ..will not be able to work or support a family of 5 food house hold needs
And with extra things insurance won't cover thanks to all. Pennys from heaven. P
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in need family of 3
My husband and I are raising money for more details go to we have a 2 year old son please if you know anyone that can help please have them go to this link so we can avoid being homeless thank you
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My sister and I are in need if a place to stay. We came to Miami for my new job, unfortunately my start date was pushed back a whole month, we used all our money to stay in different hotels to try and make it to my start date of 9/08/14. We are trying to apply for jobs but don't have a physical address. We have been in our cars now for 2 days. Is there anyone out there that can provide shelter for around a month and we can pay back what ever we need to pay after I begin my job.
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almost homeless but not hopele   in reply to Falak
I amstuck in a hard spot I'm usually able to get myself out but now I have my grandmother. I could use all the hero I can now
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almost homeless but not hopele   in reply to Falak
I live in Winchester
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Falak   in reply to almost homeless but not hopele
Where do you live? in which city? please brief me details
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petrels   in reply to sashaham02
look in the phone book for the nearest shelter for abused women and do it NOW.
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I am 29 female with 1son & pregnant with my second child. I lost my job, due to my car breaking and im homeless staying family my brother gets drunk and use me as a punching bag . I have no where else to go but after he blacked my eye & kicked me in my stomach . Im ready to go . Im hopeless & no other family to run to. Im 24 weeks with a 9 year old son. Plz help.
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needs help1977
I am married and have 2 kids 17 & 13 my 13 year old is disabled and the transmission went out in my 4x4 explorer my husband works and my son gets ssi bit there is no money in the budget for a high vehicle payment or a down payment I cant work because of all his appointments I need help :(
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sonshinesas   in reply to almost homeless but not hopele
Start calling the resources here then call 211 for more. There are no funds here just resource info
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almost homeless but not hopele
I am 33 years old I have an 18 month old little boy my mother and father both passed away a year and a half ago and I had to move in with my grandmother to care for her she is about to go into a nursing home which will leave me and my son homeless I have not been able to work for caring for here. Before my dad passed away I had an apartment which I had to leave as soon as possible to come home and care for him so I cannot get into public housing can someone please help me
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smeds213   in reply to Sick and tired of being broke!
Im disabled and I get ssi and ssd Im tired of being broke I totaled my car last year I need a new one I feel for you
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praysforlittle feet
I'm a married white female looking for help with the cost of infertility issues. My husband and I want a child of our own but can't conceive naturally so invitro is our only hope
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I have been trying to find a home buying grant but nothing urethane ideology, I am a single mother of2 children desperate need of assistance i have nohome, no car, or job somebody, anybody please help me find a grant so i know my kids will havea place they can call home. I just want themto be proud of me but i have no where else to turn please help my family
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woman in a shoe   in reply to MSABRAHAM
I will look and see what I can fine for u I will be back in a little bit but what kind of funds do u need before I go
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MSABRAHAM   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thanks! But do you know how to get emergent financial assistance from philanthropists?