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I am a(n) unemployed widow and I don't have any children (THANK GOD).

But - I am trying to find some help for both me and my mother-in-law.

we both live in pennsylvania.

she is a 75 yr. old senior citzen.

and she lost her husband.

and she lost 2 of her sons.

and she lost both her mother and her father.

she was the first born.

and then her mother had triplets (all girls).

and she lost one of her sisters.

her house is in need of repair.

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Hi All,
My daughter and I are in a great bind right now. We both collect S.S. Disability and we never have enough money to pay all of the bills and get the things that we need. So any extra money is out of the question. I finally got a car this year after not having one for five years, one was given to us. Well my car broke down Monday morning. A friend of mine had me get it towed to her car repair place. With them knowing her and her husband they let me go on a payment plan. But, I have no idea how I'm going to come up with the payments? The total bill came to $962.49. I don't know what I'm going to do? We need our car to get to the Dr. and to go grocery shopping, etc. We really could use some help!
I pick and dig at my skin from stress and nerves. My arms , face and body is full of raw open sores. They are very painful, but I can't stop picking at them. I wish that we could get rid of some of our stress. If there is anyone out there that can or would help us, we would be forever greatful!! I have no family to ask for help. We are more less all alone. If you have any questions or if you would help us my email address is: My PayPal is the same, Thank you so much for reading this. I pray we find some angels to help us. Take Care!!
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I'm a 35 yr old single father of 2, 6yr old girl,&8 yr old son..we were living with my dad who is a alcoholic so had to get out of there.currently, staying with a friend trying to get my truck out of the shop but things just aren't coming together.ive already paid shop 1300.00 but until I get the other 600 so I can get back and forth to work, we are screwed.don't know what else to do or where to turn so if anyone knows of a resource that might help please respond.
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I'm a divorced Mom with two smart and cute children 14 boy and 5 girl.Try to get back with life on my own.No child support.Ex-husband left country.We are white, US citizens.Worked all my life, paid taxes.Got sick with panic attacks.We are all want our life back!Thank you to everybody who understand!
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mom of 2 needing help please
I am a single mom of two kids a 6 year old little girl and a 2 year old little boy. I had everything of mine stolen. A so called friend of mine said he would help me I had to move out of where I was living the house I was living in the landlord sold it out from under me so my friend said since he had a storage he would hold our stuff till we found another place well he ended up wanting a relationship and I had just got out of an abusive relationship and ran as far as I could to Washington well I ended up back in Utah after my ex went to jail well this so called friend of mine I refused his advances and he refuses to give me my stuff back he has 95% of our stuff, clothes, pictures, my kids baby book all of my pictures and what is worse all of our winter clothes what little clothes I had I had to cut my pants in to shorts and my kids have 4 outfits each well it is back to school and I am still waiting for SSI to start who knows how long that will take. I an living with my daughters fathers, dad (grandpa) I sleep on the floor and my kids share a bed. My little girl needs back to shool clothes, shoes and supplys. I will wear the same thing for all this winter but I feel so bad about my little girl having to start school with nothing but last years stuff that is now getting a little small. I have never ever been in this situation, I have always had a job, a place to live, money fully stable now I am going through the worst part of my life and don't know exactly how to go about everything the state is helping me with food and medical but because of my medical condition and unable to now work (stomach cancer) I can not get cash assistance you have to look for work with that program. I am begging for anything just for clothes, shoes and school supplies for her to start school. I can be reached at
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Jbrown090   in reply to Rob and Fam
If you can get to west palm beach and go to am organization called pat reeves and ask for mr.clint he will get you grey hound bus tickets for you and your family back to mo
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I'm a single mother homeless with my 12 yr old son. I've moved from MN to FL to get away from a very abusive relationship. I just got a job but I bed help with rent and deposit so that I can provide a stable life for my child. I've called the shelters in the area and they are all filled up and we are sleeping out of my car.please help
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My name is Gio, and I know my problem is not as bad as some others on here, buy I need help with the pet deposit for my apartment. They want me to pay $250, and I cannot earn the money. My puppy is a rescue, some people were hurting her, she is only 8 weeks old. I found help to get her medical help, but to keep her, I have to pay the pet deposit. I am selling all my stuff just to pay my rent, and this IS only temporary until I can find a job. Please, I really need help. I do not want to lose her, she is everything to me and my little ones! PLEASE! I only need help just one time, and it can even be paid directly to the apartments, not to me. That way there is no worry of some fraud or something. I really need your help. Thank you for listening!
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A mother searching for help
I am at 21 year old single mother, I am trying to find some type of help with a deposit on an apartment. I have been homeless staying from house to house since May. I just got a job so im trying to better my life. I am begging for some help for me an my 2 year old little boy.
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Daughter Who Cares
Hi! I am 63, disabled with cancer. I am asking for some assistance for my Mother who is 82 and lives in Punta Gorda, Florida. She was widowed several ago and now depends on her meager social security income to get her by.

She is also caring for my half brother who has 5th degree burns and was just released from a hospital in Tampa. He has to go back for further surgeries to do what they can to save his leg. This just happened in the past couple of weeks so is not yet on disability or SSI.

The situation for my Mother is this. She has a car that is in dire need of brake work. Needs brakes and brake lines so she can drive herself to her doctors, shopping and also take my brother to the hospital for further surgeries coming up in the next 2 weeks, as well as follow up doctor appointments he will have to endure.
Is there anyone in her area of Florida that can assist her. She has NO money to purchase the materials or do the repairs, and she can not do them herself.
This would be gratefully appreciated as I live in Idaho and am unable to drive there and I don't have any finances to be able to assist her on getting it repaired.

PLEASE if there is anyone who is willing to assist her, please contact me at my email address below with your name and phone number, or email address and I will contact you immediately and give you her phone number and name.
Thank You so very much for any and all help you may be able to assist her with!

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Im a 23 yr woman im going there stress an depression i have to kids girl an boy i have a high school diploma an willing too work for mines but know support from family or friends an dont know how things really works now im grown up an im never away from my kids there 3 an 6 i hate to say but i want more an i dont know were to start i want to start a buisness or a career an school is my 1st step but i dont have money to start off an know car i been looking for online jobs money an lots of surveys but there just scams asking for money but im coming to them because i have know money please help me with a good fact solution thanks for reading .
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jmr21   in reply to Broken Angel
Im right here with you Broken Angel, sorry i cant help, but will pray that the answer arises for you and your grandchildren.
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28 yr old woman with degenerative disc disease, no income, and in desperate need of back surgery! Please help!!
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shas   in reply to bellstar1978
I'm four month pregnant lady I really money for further hospital expenses and also for good food kindly help me
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kmw97   in reply to Rob and Fam
Hey, I am sorry your dealing with all of that, life can really be a lot sometimes! I have been reading a lot of info regarding different types of assistance due to my own situation. I'm am not sure if this is an option, but try getting in touch with the bus company and asking them if they know of any resources for someone in your position. If you have to call more than once, or call different numbers, until you find someone who is sympathetic and willing to hear you out. You are not the first people this type of thing has happened too, so I would think that they have seen various ways others have been helped in tough situations. Also, try contacting The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, local churches, and the Dept of Social Services there in FL, I am not sure how the state works, since you haven't been there too long. I would think they could at least guide you towards the right resources. Don't leave any stone unturned, it is tie consuming and stressful looking for help, but it is out there!!
I wish you guys luck and will pray you find the help you need!! I have 3 boys myself so I understand how stressful it can be not knowing how you are going to provide for them. TRY not to let it get you guys too stressed out! Congrats to you and your fiance, enjoy your son :) they REALLY do grow up so fast... I know, you have probably heard that a million times already, but they really do :)
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Rob and Fam
Looking for help in the North East part of Florida. My Fiance and our now 2 month old son and I moved down here 3 weeks ago due to her families request from Maine before Maine we lived in Missouri. I must say we feel it was a mistake. We sold our car to get down here we now have nothing and soon will be kicked out due to me not having a job right away. I cant have my little boy or my fiance on the streets. So I am asking if anyone knows anything about any kind of help to get us into a place and help us with anything even bus tickets Back to Missouri. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated my email is have a blessed day
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grhelga   in reply to ndhelppls
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grhelga   in reply to grhelga

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There is NO section 8 assistant! anymore! Low income housing waiting list forever! they do not taking application into waiting list!
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my name is christine eason and i need someone with a good heart to help me out because i am fixing to loose my house and i have been praying for god to send me some help with my finances and my email address is thank you for anything you can help me out with thank you and have a blessed day.and my address is 3604 penny street in huntsville,al 35805
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